Accurately identifying and interpreting EKG rhythm strips and 12 Lead EKGs are vital skills

needed by any Healthcare Practitioner providing care to a cardiac monitored patient.

Used by the Military, Major Hospitals, EMS and Universities throughout the country.

• The R-CAT (Rapid - Cardiac Analysis Tools) were designed to help medical personnel accurately and rapidly identify 41 different EKG Rhythms and 12 lead EKG changes associated with Ischemia, Injury, and Infarction.

• Medical personnel can initiate proper treatment, save valuable time, reduce critical errors and improve patient outcomes using these tools to assist in rapid rhythm interpretation or early detection of myocardial injury.

• The tools are an excellent investment for any Medical Personnel, EKG Instructor or for Students wishing to acquire the vital skills of EKG rhythm interpretation and identification of normal /abnormal 12 Lead EKG changes associated with STEMI.

In one study on Emergency Department Quality in Myocardial Infarction (EDQMI), the study concludes:

"The failure to identify high-risk ECG abnormalities occurred in 1 in 8 patients in this study of individuals presenting to the ED with AMI and was strongly associated with the failure to provide evidence-based medical care. This study highlights the importance of systems changes to enhance the accuracy of ECG interpretation. Such measures are likely to result in improved ED care for patients with AMI, a critical step in improving health outcomes."

Masoudi, F. et al. (2006). Implications of the failure to identify high-risk electrocardiogram findings for the quality of care of patients with acute myocardial infarction: results of the Emergency Department Quality in Myocardial Infarction (EDQMI) study. Circulation, 114(15), 1565-1571.


"In a 12 hour ED shift I probably look at 20-30 12 lead EKGs in the midst of all of the other distractions. The R-CAT Window is a great tool for helping cut through the mental and visual clutter of the ED and stay focused on the critical question of 'STEMI or not'."

Melissa W. Costello, M.D., FACEP
Medical Director
Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Emergency Medicine
President, Alabama ACEP
Flight Physician, LifeFlight Alabama/Mississippi

"The new R-CAT EKG badge is so helpful. As an Emergency Department nurse, time is vital. This tool helps me rapidly calculate heart rates and identify arrhythmias, including STEMIs. It's easily available, durable & I'm able to disinfect it with bleach wipes without fading! I can finally keep the pointy EKG caliper out of my pockets! I highly recommend this tool for any level of healthcare professional, novice or veteran."

Misty, RN
Emergency Department
Fresno, California

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The RCR Poster was voted
"Hot Products" at the JEMS EMS
Today Conference and Expo
in Washington, D.C. for 2014

The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI
and the R-CAT Window were voted
"Hot Products" at the JEMS EMS
Today Conference and Expo
in Baltimore, Maryland for 2012

The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI
and the R-CAT Window were voted
"Number 1" at the JEMS EMS
Today Conference and Expo
in Baltimore, Maryland for 2012

The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI was
awarded one of the top products
of the year from EMS PRO Magazine for 2011.

Pocket R-CAT (Rapid - Cardiac Analysis Tool) - for Arrhythmias was deamed one of the "top 10 coolest products" at the EMS World Expo 2011!!! Click here to read the article!