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R-CAT 2nd Edition Bundle: Arrhythmia + STEMI + Window + Badge - #3300

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The Pocket R-CAT for Arrhythmias is the only reference / educational tool that provides 40 scaled six-second rhythm strips that contain the main identifying criteria listed below each rhythm.

Part # 3110

  • Contains 40 six-second strips all calibrated to the exact size as an EKG printout
  • 2nd Edition - Now includes Normal Sinus Comparison Strip which can be flipped over to compare to other rhythms
  • Calibrated red boxes to measure Heart Rate, PR, QT and QRS intervals
  • Can be marked and erased with a dry erase marker for staff and patient education
  • Unique, double-sided laminated panels that can easily be folded to fit in any pocket
  • Gives medical personnel the confidence to accurately interpret EKG rhythms

The Pocket R-CAT - 12 for STEMI 2nd Edition features:

Part # 3130

  • 3.25 x 6.75 inches
  • Right Bundle Branch Block
  • Left Bundle Branch Block
  • Cardiac Axis
  • Reciprocal Changes
  • 12 lead EKG changes associated with myocardial Ischemia, Injury and Infarction
  • A new convenient size that fits in a scrub or lab coat pocket
  • Unique, double-sided panels that can be folded and refolded quickly
  • A laminated surface that can be marked and erased for repeated use
  • A new tool for heart rate and interval measurements

R-CAT Window: Rapid identification of EKG Rhythms and 12 lead changes associated with Myocardial Ischemia, Injury and Infarction can lead to proper treatment, reduced critical errors and improved clinical outcomes for the Cardiac Patient.

Part # 3150

  • Flexible 3.25" x 6.75" plastic card with a reversible see-through baseline window that can fit in your pocket
  • Can be used for both EKG rhythm strips and 12 lead EKG analysis
  • Unique tools for evaluating Heart Rate, PR, QRS, QT Intervals, Significant Q-Waves and Heart Blocks
  • Added features to the R-CAT Window for STEMI are unique measuring tools!

R-CAT EKG Badge: Unique plastic badge provides a reversible, see-through window for establishing the EKG baseline.

Part # 3200

  • Can be used for both EKG rhythm strips and 12 lead EKG analysis
  • About the same size as an average ID badge or credit card.
  • Can be worn with a lanyard, clipped behind your ID badge or carried in your pocket for rapid EKG analysis.
  • Badge is durable and flexible for long wear and can be wiped clean with disinfectant.
  • Use the reversible, see-through baseline window to look for ST changes or significant Q-Waves.

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