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"In a 12 hour ED shift I probably look at 20-30 12 lead EKGs in the midst of all of the other distractions. The R-CAT Window is a great tool for helping cut through the mental and visual clutter of the ED and stay focused on the critical question of 'STEMI or not'."

Melissa W. Costello, M.D., FACEP
Medical Director
Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, Emergency Medicine
President, Alabama ACEP
Flight Physician, LifeFlight Alabama/Mississippi

"The new R-CAT EKG badge is so helpful. As an Emergency Department nurse, time is vital. This tool helps me rapidly calculate heart rates and identify arrhythmias, including STEMIs. It's easily available, durable & I'm able to disinfect it with bleach wipes without fading! I can finally keep the pointy EKG caliper out of my pockets! I highly recommend this tool for any level of healthcare professional, novice or veteran."

Misty, RN
Emergency Department
Fresno, California

"I have found these EKG & arrhythmia packages to be a wonderful teaching tool for our paramedics, PA's in ER, cath lab personal, rotating students, etc. These have not only made acute STEMI's easier to detect quickly but also arrhythmia detection much more accurate. I would highly recommend these products to anyone who needs to accurately interpret EKG's."

James Tierney MD, FACC, FACP, FSAI
Interventional Cardiology
Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare--All Saints
Racine, Wisconsin

"I really like the EKG badge, especially for the new healthcare professional or one that wants a tool for quick use. I think it's ideal for paramedics, tele nurses, ER nurses, and ICU nurses."

William Lake RN, BSN, CFRN, EMT-P

"The EKG Badge is packed full of useful information for interpreting EKG Rhythm strips and 12 leads at your fingertips. As an NP in Cardiology, I use it on a daily basis to measure the heart rate, all cardiac intervals and evaluate ST segments on 12 lead EKGs. Every Physician, Nurse, Paramedic and other Medical Providers involved in EKG monitoring needs this handy tool!"

Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology

"During our daily Emergency Medicine, high volume practice, we have found the R-CAT to be an extremely reliable, efficient, user friendly, cost effective and convenient tool for EKG evaluations. I highly recommend this tool to anyone who is required to accurately interpret EKGs. (Society of Chest Pain Center Phase III accredited, Health Grades Emergency Medicine Excellence Award recipient 2009, 2010 and 2011)"

James M Soyka MD, FACEP
Chairman, Dept of Emergency Medicine
WFHC-All Saints
Racine, Wisconsin

"We recently gave the R-CAT-12 Pocket guides to each one of our Paramedics, and the R-CAT for Arrhythmias Pocket guides to each of our EMT-Basics and EMT-Intermediates. The feedback we received was unbelievable! We have a few employees that have worked with us over 20 years, and they stated that it was the best gift they have ever received from MedStar EMS. We provide quite a bit of continuing education, and EKG/12 Lead refresher classes within our organization, and the R-CAT products are nice educational/reference, "take aways" from those classes."

Macara Trusty, Advanced Practice Paramedic
Clinical Coordinator
WFHC-All Saints
MedStar EMS
Ft. Worth, TX

"Our paramedic students find the R-CAT 12 to be a user-friendly tool that is comprehensive and easy to read. Since it's laminated, students are able to use markers to highlight important components on each EKG and then clean it off to use the next time. I'll be requiring the R-CAT 12 for all of our paramedic classes in the future here at UMBC."

Dwight A. Polk, MSW, NREMT-P
Paramedic Program Director
UMBC Department of Emergency Health Services
Baltimore, Maryland

"My favorite feature is the see-through window. It's a very simple concept - but VERY effective to immediately lay over a complex to see whether there is subtle ST elevation or depression. I really like this feature!"

Ken Grauer, MD
KG/EKG Press
Professor Emeritus in Family Medicine

"Finally! A tool that puts EKG learning in perspective!"

Karen, MSN

"As a Doctorate of Physical Therapy student I felt that the Rapid Cardiac Analysis Tool for Arrhythmias was an Exceptional tool for furthering my knowledge of EKG reading within my cardiopulmonary class. It provided generalized instructions for understanding the configuration of the EKG paper as well as picture descriptions for interpretation."

Tim, SPT

"The R-CAT is a great and useful tool. It was a big help to look at as a reference and to use the heart rate reference line. I would highly recommend it for any and all in the medical field."

Lynne, Paramedic Student

"This tool is an easy way to interpret EKG rhythms in the field."

Jack, EMT